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If you've listened to the experts, taken all the medication, and still feel terrible - then keep reading...

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Are you sick, tired, or in pain but struggling to know why?

Discover the incredible power of radionics, and reveal exactly why your body isn't operating at 100%.

Then, learn how to start feeling better by mastering the power of energy & your mind-body connection.

Watch this 3 minute video that explains


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Order Specimen Kit & Submit Samples

Your kit will be shipped via USPS priority mail and should arrive in 5-7  business days. In order to give you the most comprehensive results, we need you to submit hair, urine and saliva samples for processing. These must be shipped back the SAME DAY they are collected (postage is pre-paid).  

Receive Your 20+ Page, 650+ Area Detailed Health Report 

After your kit is received back at the lab, you'll then receive a 20+ page comprehensive health report separated into 47 distinct categories.  Your report will cover food allergies, parasites, heavy metals, genetic issues, hormonal problems, amino acids, vitamin & mineral levels, eye health, reproductive health & tons more!  If you have a problem, we'll find it!

Book Your Analysis Consultation  

($199 Separate value)  (FREE!)

Once we've received your DNA samples, we'll reach out to schedule an analysis of your results.  This generally takes 30-60 minutes and normally costs $199, but is included with the purchase of your Vital Body Blueprint!

$249 instead of $38,419

I paid $38,419 to buy the equipment used to do the scans simply to help you.

But, I'm not charging that rate because I'm not a big pharmaceutical company that charges you outrageously for the care your need.


Your price is $249, and that includes the scan + 1 full hour of my time to review your scan and to allow you to ask me any questions...all from the comfort of your home.


$38,419 invested is worth it if it allows me to help as many people as possible!  

"I could NOT believe my results. It knew about a shoulder injury I've had since high school, my extreme soreness after working out, and even discovered a rare parasite that only occurs in raw fish in Thailand (after I just traveled there). Allergies, vitamin imbalances, anything you can imagine... definitely worth it! "
Brandon W.  Caledonia, MI

"I've had unknown health issues my entire life, and my Vital Body scan finally showed me what doctors couldn't. Your mind will be blown."  

Sara V. Sarasota, FL


But, How Can This Really 

Work to Make Me Feel Better?


Let me explain...

Every cell in the body has it's own unique vibrational frequency. 

When these frequencies are disrupted, whether by injury, diet, stress or emotion, it results in a disruption of that biological function.


Which when not addressed, can bring about fatigue, depression, illness, disease and even death.

These optimal frequencies are the same in every person.


Over the past 20 years, more than 120,000 of these frequencies have been isolated, identified and cataloged. 


So, when your individual frequencies are compared against the optimum frequencies, we can determine the imbalance causing your body to experience dis-ease.


"The future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies."


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