4 Keys to Unlock the Unlimited Power of Your Imagination

Has it ever crossed your mind that the Walt Disney classics your parents read to you as a child that were supposed to put you to sleep, are actually meant to wake you up? Walt Disney knew that your imagination is a powerful tool in creating a magical life. With the wisdom of Walt and the language of quantum physics, this book brings a new awareness to the spiritual truth found hidden in Disney classic tales. Pixie dust and magic carpets take on a whole new meaning. Are you ready to make your dreams come true? Carla Burns, Ph.D brings to life how to create the magical life you always wanted. The portal to understanding what Walt knew is the retelling of Disney classics with child-like faith and a quantum perspective. Within these pages you will discover how you think, believe, dream and if you dare use the 4 keys to bring your dreams into reality.

What Walt Knew