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Daily Tips to Boost Your Immunity

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

You often hear the saying that food made with love ALWAYS tastes better.

Well, pair that positive spirit with the right ingredients and you are bound to have a way of eating that not only triggers your palate but also boosts immunity and aids in inflammation.

In our current climate, the heightened stress not to mention potential other illnesses occurring in your body, lends itself to lowering your immunity.

Thus, certain foods added to your diet are vital in maintaining a proper balance.

It is likely that you have heard the terms anti-inflammatory, antiviral and even gut boosting foods. But what are examples of these foods to ensure that you incorporate them into your daily lifestyle?

Let’s dive in.


For those who are in a constant state of heightened stress, inflammation can show up in your body in various ways. For instance, stress can lead to the common cold which in-turn can cause inflammation in your body.

Not only stress but for some people, foods such as dairy and processed foods can also cause inflammation which then can lead to ailments such as joint pain and you guessed it—more illnesses and colds.

Foods that have anti-inflammatory components include:

1) Turmeric – Studies show it helps with anxiety, arthritic pain, mood, memory and muscle soreness. Sprinkle some in your soups, daily cooking etc

2) Ginger – Research indicates it helps with cardiovascular disorders and gastrointestinal issues which is why ginger is often the recommended choice for upset or anxious stomachs.

3) Fish & nuts – Omega-3 fatty acids are most likely not new to you. When it comes to heart disease, kidney problems and autoimmune disorders, omega-3’s are a must.

Therefore, try incorporating items such as walnuts, chia seeds and flaxseed oil into your daily regiment and if you are open to fish, items such as wild-caught Salmon and Trout will provide Omega-3’s as well.


Garlic, red peppers and shitake mushrooms are all known for their antiviral properties. While you may be most familiar with garlic, all three are seen as effective in lowering the length of a cold and or preventing one from occurring.

You can also easily incorporate herbs such as oregano and sage into your cooking to get daily doses of antiviral ingredients.

Gut Boosters

Many of the ailments in our bodies can be traced to dis-ease (stress) which leads to disease as a result of an unhealthy gut. Because our gut creates both good and bad bacteria, it is vital that the foods we eat ENHACES the good bacteria versus feeding the bad bacteria.

A healthy gut will be a catalyst in a healthy immune system so consider foods such as organic yogurts and other fermented foods and drinks such as Kimchi, Kombucha and Sauerkraut.

Be sure to also stay away from refined sugars and non-whole grain fiber foods.

Take Small Steps

While we cannot always pinpoint exactly what may have caused you to get a common cold or virus, having a healthy gut and immune system by taking small and easy measures can aid in limiting and even preventing your rate of illness, joint and stomach pains.

At times, we also have a bit of a sweet tooth so in order to keep health in mind while also satisfying food cravings, test out this yummy and easy mango recipe smoothie.

Mangos are high in Vitamin C for an immunity boost.

· 1 cup mango

· 1 cup plain keifer

· 1 cup ice

· 1 scoop

Blend and serve

Go the Extra Mile with Supplements

Consider the following vegan shake as part of your daily/weekly routine to help you gain some added nutrients and healthy benefits to your diet. The following suggestion has an ingredient list which includes turmeric and ginger along with sprouted seeds.

*Supplement links are from affiliate partnership

No current research supports the use of any dietary supplement or food choices to protect you from being infected with COVID-19. While healthy eating boosts your immunity to help fight infections, be sure to follow all the recommended CDC safety guidelines for COVID-19.

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